The Art of Creating the Modern Statutory Business Trust

Table of Contents

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The Trust in Perspective

Chapter 1 The Common Law Trust and the Statutory Business Trust in Concept

Chapter 3 Drafting the Trust Instrument

Sec. 3.1. The Common Law and Contracts

Sec. 3.2. The Skill of Contract Drafting

Sec. 3.3. The Common Law Contract Principles

Sec. 3.4. Non-Binding Legal Instruments

Sec. 3.5. Principles for Interpreting the Words in Contracts

Sec. 3.6. Contract Drafting Techniques

Sec. 3.7. The Structure of the Unincorporated Entity Statutes

Sec. 3.8. The Mandatory, Default and Permissive Provisions in the Unincorporated Entity Statutes

Sec. 3,9, The Basic Parts of the Trust Instrument

Sec. 3.10. Selected Concepts for the Trust Instrument

Chapter 4 The Uniform Statutory Trust Entity Act and State Statutory Business Trust Acts

Sec. 4.1. The Uniform Law Commissioner and the Uniform Statutory Trust Entity Act

Sec. 4.2. Massachusetts

Sec. 4.3. Delaware

Sec. 4.4. Mayland

Chapter 5 The Statutory Business Trust in Court

Sec. 5.1. Federal and State Jurisdiction

Sec. 5.2. Derivative Actions

Chapter 6 Taxation of the Statutory Business Trust – Selected Federal Tax and State Tax Issues

Chapter 7 International Trusts

Sec. 7.1. Hague Convention on the law Applicable to Trusts and on their Recognition

Sec. 7.2. The Republic of Cyprus

Sec. 7.3. Bahamas and Cayman Islands

Sec. 7.4. Great Britain

Sec. 7.5. Trusts in Civil Law Jurisdictions

Chapter 8 Capital Formation and Securities Laws

Chapter 9 Corporate Transparency Act (CTA)

Chapter 10 Uses of the Statutory Business Trust

Chapter 11 The Statutory Business Trust and Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

Chapter 12 The Common Law Trust in History